When Satan Mocks the Death of Men

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Imagine no religion, a brotherhood of man...
Imagine no religion, a brotherhood of man...

The so-called “Free Love” era, or more formally known, American Sexual Revolution during the sixties is widely known to have undermined the Judeo-Christian ethos of our country, and thus, those laws created for the protection and welfare of spiritual individuals within our society. Today, authentic human love and freedom, that God-centered love which values our shared humanity from conception to nature death (and all points in-between) is under legal attack by the same carnal generation and its surviving offspring. Combine this with the dangerous soul-sucking goals inherent to Marxist-Atheism and its false promise of creating some man-made nirvana on earth swirling about college campuses at the time (and still today) and you have some faint idea of why those weird erectile dysfunction and male enhancement drug commercials seem to permeate television – and who there directed at: my generation…

Of course, as the commercials warn, these drugs have a litany of bizarre and potentially embarrassing side effects, but so does the undermining of laws and general rejection of sexual mores have consequences as well. Take a moment, and survey your own family—consider how uncommitted impersonal fornication, adultery, broken marriages and relationships, sexual abuse, diseases, drug and alcohol addiction, suicide, single parent households, and general break down of family life has occurred within your own life and the lives of those around you, and you’ll understand what I mean. The sexual revolution has led to a great number of children mourning deeply over the destruction and loss of their families. And worse: a great number of unwanted children have been lost and destroyed through abortion… It’s a long forgotten eternal truth, but nonetheless, still true today: the wages of sin is death. In this case, the death of families and the innocent unborn among us.

As a young man raised-up in the era of “free love”, I too was searching for love. After all, who doesn’t require love? What was missing, of course, was authentic love, and I myself paid the price in many ways for my own behavior as well. Looking back, I should have noted well my first experience at a Southern California “Love-in” in the late sixties. Walking into the park that day where love was supposedly the motif, I noticed two biker chicks in a fistfight on the grass surrounded by their male cohorts whose leather jackets emblazed the words “Devil’s Henchmen”

It makes more sense now…

While not “sinful”, in and of itself, music played a large part in this libertine era, and still does. You might have heard that art imitates life, and life imitates art. And sometimes the underlying Evil responsible for inspiring the loss of the sense of sin that has led to the destruction of our families and children (Satan) relishes in mocking the death of men within ordinary events–even musical events–such as the following little tidbit reveals.

Keep in mind that due to the reality of the presence of evil underlying the abortion industry there are generations of children no longer among us…

It’s hard for one to imagine the reality of anyone waking up on the morning of the Thirty-Sixth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and of their own volition saying to their selves, “Hey, I want to go out tonight and celebrate my right to abort children! It just doesn’t happen. That’s why Planned Parenthood and their local affiliates spend the funds to coordinate and publicize such events nationwide under the guise of “reproductive freedom” as opposed to what such gatherings truly are: Planned Parenthood’s self sponsored public promotion of its own lucrative product: death. Such “events” are true modern day testimonies to the “wages paid” by the sexual revolution in America: The glorification of human sacrifice.

Locally, this occurred last January at Ashland’s Standing Stone Brewery when pro-abort folks gathered to celebrate 36 years of reproductive sexual freedom.  How could anyone miss the macabre irony of whoever was responsible for choosing the headliner that evening, the Beatles cover band: The Nowhere Men. Imagine the sick press release for such an event:


That would be nearly 50 million nowhere children, thanks in large part to Planned Parenthood in America…

Today is the 40th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s infamous “Bed-In Protest for peace” and art exhibition in 1969. Michael Archer explores the question here: “What has John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed-in taught us?” Here’s my borrowed answer from another music icon of the “free love” generation, Bob Dylan:

“Freedom, just around the corner from you, but with truth so far off what good would it do?”


Here’s my ’40 years ago today’ tribute to my generation. Note that at the 1:59 mark of the video there’s a sign in the crowd which reads: “Jesus died for your sins, John Lennon…” Still, today, Jesus Christ gives men that peace the world cannot ever give, and he does so in the freedom of  his truth. May my family, friends, and generation rediscover the reality of God’s true love for men…

Suffering from the loss of a child due to a past abortion? Click here for help in finding forgiveness and healing…

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