May heaven help us all: Warning on “The Great Warning” II

Photo: Doug Zubenel
Photo: Doug Zubenel

“You therefore, brethren, knowing these things before, take heed, lest being led aside by the error of the unwise, you fall from your own steadfastness. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and unto the day of eternity. Amen.” 2 Peter 3:17-18

We neither know the day nor hour of our own death, nor the day and hour of the Final Coming…

     Editors Note: After receiving comments this week from a very upset woman concerning family members and their extreme actions resulting from following the  false prophetic predictions offered up by Dr. Mary Jane Evens, I promised to help out by writing another follow-up post with information on the phenomenon and its disturbing effects within the Catholic communities.

     As I’ve discovered, the spread of these purported messages and those acting upon them  are not localized. According to a “private message”  I’ve received sent to subscribers of these messages, followers are found in Africa, Sri Lanka, Mexico, South America, India, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, the USA and elsewhere. So the potential for widespread upset within our Catholic communities (like my own) is great.

     What is more, there’s other false prophetic predictions being promulgated by a man known as the “Little Pebble”, a former cohort of Dr. Mary Jane Even’s for over 18 years whom today he now denounces [here]. Plus, another warning out there from Ronald L. Conte Jr. on the website Catholic Planet which states that “The Warning” or “Great Warning” will occur on Good Friday, April 10, 2009, which may further the spread and sad effects of such current errors. 

     May the below information help to alleviate all fear, confusion, error and harm found within Catholic homes and communities caused by these dueling false theories, and act to restore balance of faith in accord with Revelation as proposed and guarded by Holy Mother Church… james mary evans

Discernment by the Church, followed by obedience…

In 1 John Sacred Scripture says of the Church: “We are of God. He that knows God hears us. He that is not of God hears us not. By this we know the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error…”

     In the case of Mary Jane Even, the Church has spoken. The Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska condemned her writings and somewhat prophetically announced within the same decree that the messages “[…] are certainly capable of causing misunderstanding and harm…”  

     This misunderstanding and harm has occurred at my own parish mission in Southern Oregon, even to devout and holy persons. As I mentioned here, some of our young people were frightened by the severity of the messages presented, (some to tears), thinking the world was ending. News of the false warning spread within our community and filtered down into our elementary, middle and high schools. And where fear was not instilled within the hearts of children, obscuration concerning true faith, Christian doctrine and the Catholic Church was instilled within the hearts of adults…

So what is the “Great Warning” and how is it affecting our Christian communities?

The “event” includes:

  • Seeing your own soul (it’s sins) 
  • A comet hitting the earth
  • Comet dust that kills those who go outside
  • A great earthquake that registers 10 on the Richter Scale, lasting 20 minutes
  • All evil being destroyed
  • The sound of thunder for eight days
  • All evil demons will be visible after the warning
  • Other devastation’s include, fires, tidal waves, and floods 

The purpose of the Great Warning includes:

  • The truth of Hell’s fire and purgatory
  • To demonstrate Maitreya is Satan
  • To alert the Jewish people that Maitreya is not the Messiah
  • To demonstrate the truth of the Catholic Church, with the exception of those under the false pontiff (Anti-Pope)
  • The revelation to all men that God exists

The Great Warning leads to:

  • Three days of darkness (Nuclear war) Six month’s following the warning
  • A great bug infestation
  • A great cold (Below freezing temps.)
  • A microchip implantation
  • Evil rules the earth
  • Demonic changes in Church practices
  • Catholics and Christians placed in concentration camps, many killed
  • The death of Pope John Paul II on the Vatican steps
  • Following all this, those who survive will awaken to birds and light, the Reign of Peace will have arrived.

What is happening within Christian communities as a result:

  • Some days preceding Ash Wednesday (02.25.09) calls were placed to followers of MJE say the Warning was imminent
  • People went out and shopped for last minute food and water supplies/Pulled money from bank accounts
  • They covered over the inside windows of their homes with black plastic or wood
  • They prepared for eight days holed up inside their homes (and some, no doubt, still are)
  • News of the Catholic hysteria spreads within communities
  • Families, friends, and fellow Catholics suffer alienation from one another over the bizarre behavior
  • The Catholic faith is undermined and ridiculed

     As is obvious, “The Warning” of Mary Jane Even has not occurred, but we are still within the supposed eight day period (Beginning on Ash Wednesday), so the potential for further troubles persists. Combine this with similar messages by the “Little Pebble” and the advent of the Good Friday, April 1oth, 2009, prediction of “The Warning” by Ronald Conte Jr. and we are left with a continuation of this parade of theories so upsetting for so many.

So what can be done?

     First, we are not to despise any brothers, sisters, family members or relatives who have followed the false warning. Our enemies are not of flesh and blood, but of the spiritual order and nature. Each of these children of the Church are beloved of God, and so should be our same response towards them. Any division within the sacred body is what the true enemy of our faith desires and is not helpful. 

What can be helpful, however, is if you help spread the following judgements of the Church concerning these false private revelations on your own websites and blogs (here’s the link, diocesan document, or simply link here), a short blurb is all that’s needed. If you’re aware of someone you know tempted to follow/or now following the errors, peacefully offer this discernment of the Church in the matter. Note: I highly encourage contacting the Pastor of your respective parish immediately if this is the case…

Here is the discernment of the Church on the claims of Mary Jane Even from the diocesan website:

The Diocese of Lincoln has a clear statement about this matter and a copy of this statement can be obtained by writing or calling the Chancery office. A diocesan commission has carefully examined the claims of Mary Jane Even and concluded that there is nothing supernatural about her locutions and revelations. They are sometimes farfetched and even contain doctrinal error. No belief should be placed in them or in her.

Again, from the diocesan website this question is asked: Would it be a sin to believe in or support the visions and locutions of Mary Jane Even?

It is difficult to see how sin, even serious sin, could be avoided in such belief and support. Her alleged “visions and locutions” have been determined by Church authorities to be totally devoid of any supernatural character. Some of the doctrines she teaches are clearly false. Therefore, supporting or believing her could involve spreading religious error. Sometimes credulous people who believe her have suffered sever hardships for themselves and their families, by moving to “safe havens” at enormous financial and personal loss. Her supporters thus may have grave sins of injustice on their consciences because of this. Also, she purports to foretell the future. Participating or involvement in fortune telling, with any measure of belief, is always sinful. Sometimes-serious private “revelations’ are due to fraud or hallucinations. But sometimes they are due to demonic forces.

Here is discernment information on the “Little Pebble”:

Vatican Outlaws “Little Pebble” – Order To Disband, Little Pebble Sentenced For Rapes, Report on William Kamm a.k.a “The Little Pebble” Messages  [Note: Discernment of Catholic Planet and predictions of Ronald L. Conte Jr. found therein is needed (and strongly advised) but useful for subject.]. 

Editors Final Note: Please comment here if your parish community, any family members, friends, or anyone else you know of has been affected by any of the predictions mentioned above. There may be a larger problem than suspected–especially concerning the elderly.. Thank you. 


17 thoughts on “May heaven help us all: Warning on “The Great Warning” II”

  1. Church approval does not garantee authenticity. We see Pius XI approving Mary Margaret^s apparitions but this woman ate feces & vomit once thinking this penance was pleasing to God & starved & tortured herself. Yeah pathological self delusion is a under statement. Fatima too seems to be a scam. The original claims of Lucy in 1917 are entirely different from what she claimed in the late 30s. She also claimed prohecies after the events took place.Also the “lady” that appeared in 1917 to 10 year old Lucia had a dress only to her knees(this was taken from her parish priest ^s original notes from 1917 who
    interviewed her) The Pope or bishops are not the church only,the church is the People Of God. Many times in the Past Church authorities taught things like Usury was always wrong,Democracy was illigitimate(PiusIX),Leo the XII condemned vaccinations including for sick children.
    You never forsake conscience or reason. When the church(people Of God) reject a teaching history shows future popes & councils revise that teaching.It^s the Holy Spirit assuring balance

    1. Kalbertini– Your not the first to vilify this victim soul of God–a saint. Your thesis underlying all of your private reasons/objections for non-belief seems to be directed toward undermining the divinely instituted authority of the hierarchal Church of God–all things were made through Him and for Him… People of God, yes, but your forgeting that it was he who chose us… not we him.

      I’m thankful that God gave us such a saint so as to know and love his sacred heart all the more… Most victim souls live their lives unknown by the world.

      As for the Holy Spirit assuring balance, you should probably study the following combined with prayers of the heart…


      688 The Church, a communion living in the faith of the apostles which she transmits, is the place where we know the Holy Spirit:

      – in the Scriptures he inspired;

      – in the Tradition, to which the Church Fathers are always timely witnesses;

      – in the Church’s Magisterium, which he assists;

      – in the sacramental liturgy, through its words and symbols, in which the Holy Spirit puts us into communion with Christ;

      – in prayer, wherein he intercedes for us;

      – in the charisms and ministries by which the Church is built up;

      – in the signs of apostolic and missionary life;

      – in the witness of saints through whom he manifests his holiness and continues the work of salvation.


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