Warning on “The Warning” – Prophecies of Mary Jane Even at St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church, Cave Junction, Oregon 02.23.09

james-on-the-beach  UPDATE: May Heaven Help Us All: Warning on “The Warning” II.         

I received a call this morning from a fellow parishioner at St. Patrick’s of the Forest Catholic Church concerning the alleged “Warning” that is supposedly to occur this Ash Wednesday, February 25th, 2009.

            Below you’ll find the 1995 conclusion of the diocesan commission established in Lincoln, Nebraska to study the alleged interior lucutions of Mary Jane Even (see more: here). Found within the final paragraph is this statement:

“These writings provide a misleading distraction to those sincerely seeking a genuine and authentic Catholic spiritual life and are certainly capable of causing misunderstanding and harm…”

This appears to be the case here at St. Patrick’s of the Forest.

           From the sounds of it,  a few of our young people here at St. Pat’s were frightened by the severity of the messages presented, some to tears, thinking the world was ending. This is not right. Caution and discernment of all alleged prophecy should be the norm without despising it, as sacred scripture confirms. 

           We all know that the world, our nation and the Church (in many ways) are living through turbulent times and our children are not altogether oblivious of the difficulties either. Care should be given so as not to cause undue fear or worry within them or ourselves…

            Our faith is true, Jesus will return, there will be difficulties… But always and in every way, we must remember that we are to rejoice at the prospect, for our liberation is near. We do await the reality of a new heaven and new earth but fear is not part of that equation…

There is no fear in God.

            As for the coming warning on Ash Wednesday: I’m personally taking that to mean I need to believe in the Gospel, repent and get to confession–come what may.

I suggest calling Monsignor Moys or Fr. Ron at St. Annes concerning any questions–(541) 476-2240 The Diocesan report follows: 



23 thoughts on “Warning on “The Warning” – Prophecies of Mary Jane Even at St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church, Cave Junction, Oregon 02.23.09”

  1. I don’t believe in the cult lady. I was only telling about her lies, please re-read my post whoever responded to me like I believe in that crap. I believe in Jesus Christ who died for me to save me from my sins and the BIBLE not a secretary, duh. And these people are only opening their wallets because they think they are saving themselves, that is why they keep this cult stuff to themselves and a secret. They don’t want to save anyone, just themselves and they are don’t care about saving no one else.

  2. Well I bet Ninivah isn’t crying because God kept his promise to them. I personally am glad that “warnings” and “tribulations” didn’t happen. Thank God there’s no concentration camps. (The Korea ones don’t count). I guess neither do the ones in U.S.A., and the ones in the Middle East either. Thank God there’s no micro-chip, or, the risk of losing our 1st. amendment rights. Thank God we live in a country where child sex slavery isn’t a problem. I also am grateful that this country cares more about the lives of the unborn than the lives of other creatures with no souls. Could you imagine if we tested God for the “umpteenth” time. I would hope that he wouldn’t give us the worst punishment, like……having us witness that kind of life. Whew, boy am I glad none of that is happening.

  3. I bet the people that lived while Hosea (from the old testament), was preaching the “doom and “gloom” would’ve listened. They could have been enjoying life longer like the people in Ninevah (from the old testament). I bet the people that lived in the Sodam and Gommorrah days (from the old testament), wished the had listened before they were blasted by the wrath of God. But who knows, there a lot of none judgemental, knowledgible, prudent, people such as your selves who definitely know that we have an all merciful God who controls all of creation, (the tornado’s, hurricanes, tropical storms, plagues, earthquakes, the hundred fold of non charity towards others, the thousand fold schism in the church, doesn’t count). I think as children of God we have nothing to worry about. Thank God all is well. I think as good people, we would never shoot any one down for preaching “pray the rosary”. I don’t think any one would exaggerate about some one who actually preached “go to mass, or, be charitable towards others, right?

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