“Rome Must Go”: St. Mary’s Brisbane


“Rome Must Go, St. Mary’s Must Stay…” Just in case you underestimated the Marxist-Socialist appeal of Barack Obama and global permeation of his organizing tactics–even within the Catholic Church–this e-mail/comment comes to us from renegade Catholic priest Fr. Peter Kennedy of St. Mary’s, Brisbane: 

“Stand strong. “Yes we can”. Let’s not feed the wolf of anger and vengefulness but the wolf of passion, compassion and kindness…”


Peter Kennedy’s remarks on the (Communist leaning) Worker’s Bush Telegraph were intentionally directed toward soliciting people on the site in order to help fill-up St. Mary’s masses on Sunday, particularly the 9:00am mass, so media would publicize “growing local support” for his personal rebellion. Evidently it worked. There were not a few St. Mary’s news stories following Sunday masses that led with, “Thousands Show Up In Support…”  

However self-inflated the numbers are the reality here, of course, is Peter Kennedy’s Marxist invite to long-historic enemies of the Catholic Church–true wolves in sheep’s clothing–enables them to enter in and help inflict further slaughter upon the faith of the sheepfold…

Welcome to the fullness of reverse (c)atholic inculturation, wherein Liberation Theology bears the evil fruits of true betrayal of Jesus Christ, His Gospel, and His Church.

Be forwarned America…


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