CCHD Boycott Results: “Mr. Wolfe said an usher told him afterward only $10 had been collected.”

The Washington Times reported this morning on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development boycott this past Sunday. Let us hope the following was widespread and that reform is forthcoming:

"Hey buddy, can you spare a..." Several priests and parishes in Northern Virginia’s Arlington Diocese balked Sunday at taking up a collection for the much-criticized Catholic Campaign for Human Development, whose contributions to the voter-registration group ACORN got a dose of bad publicity this fall.

“I personally haven’t given a dime to the Campaign for Human Development in years,” the Rev. John DeCelles told parishioners during his Sunday homily at St. Mary’s Church in Alexandria.

“Over the years, including last year,” he continued, “the campaign has given millions of dollars to very questionable groups, including groups that actively support and campaign for so-called ‘abortion rights.'”

Mary Beth Beasley, a law student who was at the 1 p.m. Mass where Father DeCelles spoke, said her thought was, “Wow, it was great he was being so honest about what the CCHD does, because you don’t hear that.”

“And then when the basket went around, I didn’t see any cash collected at all,” she added.

The Rev. Dennis W. Kleinmann, the pastor at St. Mary’s, also was unenthusiastic in encouraging donations to the CCHD at his Masses. According to two parishioners, he cited the recent controversies over the campaign’s grants to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) as one reason to be “cautious.”

The CCHD, whose $9.4 million budget depends on annual November collections from Catholic parishes, recently revealed it had donated more than $7.3 million to ACORN over the past decade. The community-organizing group has been accused of voter fraud in 15 states… Read the full story


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