CCHD BOYCOTT UPDATE: Diocese of Charleston withholds CCHD collection, Redirects to Catholic Charities


On Tuesday Fratres received word that no second collections for the Campaign for Human Development would be taken throughout Alabama until financial investigations of ACORN are complete:

Birmingham Diocese Bishop Robert J. Baker, in a letter dated Nov. 16, said ACORN will not get money from the second collection until the CCHD finishes a probe into whether ACORN used money in a way that might endanger the CCHD’s tax- exempt status.

Another diocese has joined in taking prudent action concerning CCHD funding – The Diocese of Charleston. Here’s the fax:


TO: Priests and Parish Life Facilitators

FROM: Rev. Msgr. Martin T. Laughlin, P.A., Administrator

DATE: November 12, 2008

In light of the recent controversy over the Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) Collection, the collection will still be taken up in the Diocese of Charleston but the funds will go directly to the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Charleston.

Proceeds from this collection formerly went to the Campaign for Human Development in the name of Catholic Charities and were distributed nationally. This time the proceeds will remain in the Diocese of Charleston.


One thought on “CCHD BOYCOTT UPDATE: Diocese of Charleston withholds CCHD collection, Redirects to Catholic Charities”

  1. Good for those Bishops!

    You know I have never given to the CCHD because when I lived in Canada it was thought that they gave money to the Liberation Theology groups in South America. (I’m not sure if it was ever proven but there were questionable donations.) Since then, I had always assumed that they were a committee that was run by ultra-liberal Catholics so I have always passed on that collection. (These allegations were made 35 years ago – and I have been wary all these years – I guess in light of the recent disclosure of Acorn donations I was right not to rethink this stance.)

    In recent years, we have seen the Bishops standing up more courageously for the truth. Because of this I think even the CCHD will eventually change. I agree they will probably be one of the last holdouts. Although the Bishops at their November meeting made a step in the right direction by the suspending the funding to Acorn. Absolutely ridiculous that this committee ever even gave a cent to that organization.


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