Rome Has Spoken: Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis statement on status of dissident group Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities CPCSM (Full Text)

9th Station of the Cross, Jerusalem, Israel
9th Station of the Cross, Jerusalem, Israel

             Executive Coordinator of the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM) and editor of The Progressive Catholic Voice  Michael Bayly will no doubt be responding soon on his blog the The Wild Reed  concerning yesterday’s statement from the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis reminding CPCSM of its non-agency status within the Roman Catholic Church. Having viewed Michael’s blog from afar for some time it’s clear that all that the statement lays out is true; and this blog commends Archbishop Nienstedt for his faithful leadership in defense of authentic faith and morals for the sake of the laity.

             Having said that, it is my true hope and continued prayer that Michael looks upon this moment as a sure oppurtunity to advance his spiritual welfare instead of “the cause”. Having spent my High school years in Coon Rapids, Mn. before returning to Santa Cruz, Ca. I have an natural affinity out here for the north country and its peoples. I was a transplant myself. Combined with this, however, I have noticed within Michael’s writings, (underlying the rebel activist thing), a natural and sincere love and caring for people–What we call Christian love. Yet, I am not blinded either to the reality and consequences of mortal sin, (sexual or otherwise), or the dangers associated with promulgating such within the Church. It is absolutely deadly to divine grace within the soul. Period. 

             Having opposed the Church, and worse, hated Christ without reason previously I have discovered most profoundly just how wrong I was… The truth of the situation is, no matter how many times the mantra “We are the Church” goes up it remains nonetheless Jesus Christ Himself within the Church reconciling flesh and souls with God the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. And if one finds himself, (such as my brother Michael), at odds with the Church, with authentic faith and morals, then there is a failure to truly hear Christ Himself, and this is most serious. For it is the greatest snare and victory of our shared adversary (the beast) in convincing us to consider God surely mistaken in His laws and we ourselves surely right in our sins.

             Michael, if you read this: consider forsaking everything and everyone in the world for some time. In complete reliance upon the Mother of God, allow the Spirit (beginning with true repentance) to raise your soul far above the confines of flesh and the spirit of this world, above even human marriage–there where Our Lord says, you will be like angels… When you return everything in time will fall away, for you will have watched alongside the Redeemer of Man Satan fall like lightning from the heavens about you, the Morning Star will have risen within your heart, a new day will have dawned, and you will be left with only one single purpose… May it be so my friend. May it be so.

Just some advice from a former enemy of God and His Church. jme 

Here’s the statement:

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has released the following statement clarifying the status of a group known as the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities:

Recent communications by the group called the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM) have erroneously portrayed its past and current status as it relates to the Roman Catholic Church in general and to this archdiocese in particular.

These communications are a matter of concern to us and require that the archdiocese clearly state that it does not support, or recognize in any way, CPCSM as a Catholic organization. Nor does the archdiocese endorse CPCSM’s recent efforts to promote an advocacy agenda contrary to that of this archdiocese and to the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Harry Flynn took great care not to imply support of CPCSM.  The archdiocese, in keeping with Catholic moral teaching, has consistently supported efforts within the church to show special concern and to direct pastoral attention toward persons with same-sex attractions and to advance their spiritual welfare. Thus, where CPCSM has made similar efforts, the archdiocese obviously concurs.

However, CPCSM has also aggressively advocated changes in the moral and sacramental-theological traditions of the church that are wholly at odds with church teaching. Because of this disregard for church tradition and magisterium, Archbishop Flynn did not support nor did he recognize this group.

Archbishop John Nienstedt, in harmony with his predecessor and other U.S. bishops, does not support, endorse or recognize CPCSM.  Because the group’s stated agenda is to deny the church’s traditional moral teachings and creates confusion among the faithful, the archdiocese believes strongly that it must reassert its opposition to CPCSM.

When any group chooses the word “Catholic” in its chosen name or acronym it should not be assumed that their group has gained authorization of that affiliation or acceptance by the church or archdiocese. The name “Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities” is a prime example of that caution.  In simple terms, it is not an agency of the Roman Catholic Church.


2 thoughts on “Rome Has Spoken: Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis statement on status of dissident group Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities CPCSM (Full Text)”

  1. John, thanks for responding.

    If a bishop is in union with the Pope concerning authentic Catholic faith and morals the teaching magisterium, and thus Rome, has spoken… And he who hears the Church hears Christ.

    james mary evans

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