San Gabriel Mission Priest Reverses Previous Statement Opposing Bishops on Prop. 8 in California (Full Text)

This just in to Fratres Com Box…

It appears Fr. Steve Niskanen has had a change of heart concerning his previous personal statement opposing Prop. 8 (Marriage Proposition) and California Bishops who support its passage. Nice to have you back Father… Here’s the annoucement:

From the San Gabriel Mission Weekly Bulletin, dated October 19, 2008…

Dear Parishioners of San Gabriel Mission:

The Peace of Christ be with you!

Two weeks ago, I presented in a bulletin letter an overview of the three Propositions 4, 6 and 8 on which our California Bishops’ Conference has taken an official position. I presented these positions in summary, but then added my own personal opinion regarding Proposition 8, framing it as a matter of my conscience. I regret and apologize for placing my opinions on the same level as our Bishops, “the authentic teachers of the faith.” I fully respect and support our Bishops’ position that Proposition 8 does not intend to infringe on the human and legal rights of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters; rather it seeks to preserve the restriction of the term “marriage” to the complementary, life-long partnership of the whole of life, open to the gift of children, between one man and one woman.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Steve Niskanen, CMF, Pastor.


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