And you want to vote for Barack Obama?

In 1973 nearly 100,000 fans filled the seats at the Los Angeles Coliseum to watch the Miami Dolphins defeat the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII 14 – 7 and complete the perfect 17 – 0 season.

It was a good year…

Or, so we thought. 

Miami Dolphins coach (C) with players after game vs Washington Redskins. . Dolphins go undefeated with 17 straight victories.

Eight days later, Roe v. Wade legalized abortion on demand in America, and since that time nearly 50,000,000 (million) children have lost their lives in the wombs of their own mothers.

For these, it was not a good year… 

To fill the seats with the number of children killed thus far by American abortuary’s it would take 500 (Hundred) such Super Bowls filling the coliseum below to capacity…

And with 42 Super Bowls down, that leaves just 458 left to go…

See you in the year 2466. 

Make it a truly good year, vote life. Vote McCain.

For post-abortion help in healing or pregnant and seeking help contact:

Rachel’s Vineyard





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