Police Arrest 13 Pro-Lifer’s at Democratic National Convention

DENVER, Aug. 26 /Christian Newswire/ — A partial listing of those arrested are:

Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue -Washington DC
Fr. Norman Weslin, Founder, Lambs of Christ, age 78,
Fr. Joe Klee – Portsmouth OH
Rev. Lee Hartley,
Clair Conley – Denver Co,
Mary Colsch – Calendonia MN age 75,
Pastor Lee Hartley age 55,
Ron Hartman age 65,
Joseph Landry – Washington DC age 27
David Mitchell – New Alban IA age 65
Kim Samecki – Colorado Springs CO age 29

They will likely spend the night in jail for refusing to post bail.

While being arrested, they said: “Every Christian voter needs to see Obama and Biden for what they are – the most strident supporters of child-killing ever seen in a presidential race.” 

“Abortion is murder and no faithful Christian, Catholic or Protestant, can vote for Obama…its that simple.”



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