Urgent Prayer Request: Oregon Firefighters Chopper Crash in California

To all of our dedicated prayer warriors:

One of our firefighting helicopters with two pilots and eleven Oregon Firefighters is down as of last night. The firefighters are part of the Grayback Crew located out of Merlin and dispatched to the Shasta Fire. Four of the crew, including one pilot, have been taken to hospitals and nine of the crew, including a second pilot, have not been located as of this report.

Please offer prayers for all and for their families and loved ones who wait. We ask for your prayers to help locate and rescue those who are missing and healing prayers for all. Please unite hearts across the Valley to help our serving fallen to be returned to the families and friends who love them.

Keep the candle of prayer lighted in your heart…

Thank you for sharing in this great time of need,

Your local Family of Believers.

You can read more about this at: Oregonlive News


3 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request: Oregon Firefighters Chopper Crash in California”

  1. Blessings, to keep Alive in your prayers Matt’s Tudor 6 and Ongoing Spiritual prayer Journals, In Jesus Christ of Nazareth Name Amen!Thanks

  2. i need good job,good wife,favour,victory,blessing,wisdom,miracle,protection,guideance,good heath and long life,till i hear from you thanks.
    its me

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