Angels and Demons by Fr. John Corapi

Ten years ago I preached a spiritual conference entitled “Angels and Demons.” This is one of the regular sermons in our major series “Thunder and Lightning.” We are this weekend making it available to our friends and supporters because we feel that the subject matter is so important. It is rare today that you will find any teaching or preaching on this subject in the Catholic Church. This is strange because it is in fact the teaching of the Catholic Church and always has been.

One cannot understand reality if one brackets out a large portion of reality–the preternatural order (angels and demons). If you try to arrive at valid conclusions concerning reality, but have left out a good part of that reality you are engaged in an exercise in futility. So many things today can only be understood in the light of this spiritual reality. Have you ever wondered why so many apparently educated and intelligent people just don’t get it, especially with respect to such life and death matters as abortion?

There is a battle that goes on in the spiritual order between the forces of God and the forces of Satan, “the adversary.” This battle between cosmic good and evil, between angels and demons, has man caught in the crosshairs. Man is an active player in his own salvation. We need the help of our allies the angels. To fail to enlist their help is reckless. To fail to realize the reality of the enemy forces, the demonic legions, can be ultimately and eternally fatal.

We are at war and our battle is not against flesh and blood, as St. Paul warns us in Ephesians 6. The battle between good and evil, truth and lies, life and death involves these angelic legions-good and evil. We are soldiers in God’s army, like it or not, believe it or not. We must be aware of these fundamental teachings, learn them, and live in accordance with them.

God bless you,
Fr. John Corapi

Editors Note: Here below is the link to Father Corapi’s website. From personal experience of having previously attended Father’s conferences during my own conversion, I can attest that for any soul in search of no nonsense answers to questions concerning divine truth, the spiritual life or Holy Mother Church, you’ll find it here–and without error… He, (along with his works) is a true light on the road of faith seeking understanding. Find it here:


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