Potato Head Redux…The Alienated Jesus: Fratres Blog News 05.21.08

Call To Action Must Go…            

            Two weeks ago I posted the now infamous “Mr. Potato Head Mass” Video on this blog and it ripped through the worldwide internet like a California firestorm. All but lost within the ensuing liturgical debates, shock, disbelief, outrage, and downright snarking (a new word for me) was the purpose for posting the video in the first place: To create a groundswell of suppport among Catholic’s for encouraging U.S. Bishops to dissolve false Catholic (sic) organizations opposed to authentic Catholic faith and morals, and thus, the Church. I believe the tenets of Call To Action are totally incompatible with Catholic faith and causes damage to the Church of Christ. I do not want my children, having now received the great blessing of finding the true God and true Church, to be introduced or exposed in the future to a false Christ and false Church–which Call To Action promotes.

The Smoke of Satan and the Minneapolis Monster Mass

 Just this week, within an exclusive interview with Bruno Volpe for the site Petrus, former papal MC, His Iminence Virgilio Card. Noè [pronouced “No-eh”], spoke of Paul VI’s 1972 denunciation of the presence of the “smoke of Satan in the Church” and what the Pope meant by his words.

            How timely, then, in light of the smoke witnessed within the closing liturgy of the Northern California Call To Action Conference two weeks ago, are the following comments. I’ll let you decide…

Card. Noè:

I am in a position to reveal, for the first time, what Paul VI desired to denounce with that statement. Here it is. Papa Montini, for Satan, meant to include all those priests or bishops and cardinals who didn’t render worship to the Lord by celebrating badly (mal celebrando) Holy Mass because of an errant interpretation of the implementation of the Second Vatican Council. He spoke of the smoke of Satan because he maintained that those priests who turned Holy Mass into dry straw in the name of creativity, in reality were possessed of the vainglory and the pride of the Evil One. so, the smoke of Satan was nothing other than the mentality which wanted to distort the traditional and liturgical canons of the Eucharistic ceremony.” 

            There is much here within the statement of His Iminence for liturgical experts and our sacred hierarchy to sort through, as has been mentioned on other blogs, and I’ll leave that to them. Here, however, I’ll leave you with this Palm Sunday video from the controversial and infamous St. Joan of Arc Parish in Minneapolis, Mn. 

My only comments on the following are questions:

  1. Is the final dark robed figure seen at the end of this clip a visible representation of an unseen reality, as Cardinal Noè suggests?
  2. Are recent comments from the Vatican concerning UFO’s preparing us for a visitation by frightening creatures who resemble the Jesus found within this video?  

3 thoughts on “Potato Head Redux…The Alienated Jesus: Fratres Blog News 05.21.08”

  1. Uhhhhh, bro, dude…like, why do you have clips from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ on your site? Easter Island pinata?

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