St. Maximilian Kolbe: On the Apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes–Place your Prayer Petitions Here.


Ever since Original Sin was committed, human intelligence has remained darkened so that it cannot rise to the knowledge of causes of everything. Our first parents in Eden understood everything very well; their intelligence was clear and lively; but after they sinned, all that was changed. For this reason, when God wishes to make himself known to men he gives them signs and works miracles. We find many miracles in the Old Testament, and even more in the New. When Jesus was in the world he said: “Even if you do not believe in me, believe in my works.” (Jn. 10, 38)

            The miracle of the Resurrection is the foundation of our faith. The disciples of Jesus were weak; even though they had seen many miracles, at the time of his arrest they all abandoned him. Only when Jesus had risen was their faith confirmed, and were they given the courage to endure suffering and persecution.

            Since Christ’s resurrection, from time to time miracles happen, to reinforce our faith; such were the apparations at Lourdes… There the Immaculata chose a weak instrument to manifest her power. There were many objections; people said, “It isn’t true.” But all the while the miraculous fountain was flowing,  and many miracles and conversion took place. What did the the Most Blessed Virgin then do, after establishing her credibility by the miracles? In public before the whole crowd of people she said who she was, confirming the dogma of the Immaculate Conception which had been defined in 1854. She said of herself, “I am the Immaculate Conception.” If she is indeed the Immaculate Conception, then everything which serves as a foundation for this truth is also true. Hence the apparitions at Lourdes are a confirmation of the entire Catholic faith. This is why these apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin at Lourdes are so important.”

St. Maximilian Kolbe Feb. 11, 1938 (Conference)

If you would like to place your prayer petitions for healing, faith, or conversion within the Holy Mass at the Grotto of Lourdes click here. You may also leave your requests below within the comment box and I will do so for you combined with my own daily prayers for your needs…

Peace to you and yours,

James Mary Evans


13 thoughts on “St. Maximilian Kolbe: On the Apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes–Place your Prayer Petitions Here.”

  1. Please pray for the healing of my marriage. It is in desperate need of a miracle. Please also pray that my husband returns to the faith and stops drinking.

  2. In the Mighty name of Jesus, I uncover any eradicate any snares that have been set by satanic whores ( Dalinda/Survna/sandra)for the 22 priests who are going for their recollection for 3 days at JRC Hubli starting tomorrow 12/1/11.

  3. Please pray for my husband who is unemployed and desperate that God will bless him with a job either here in the US or Canada according to his holy will and help us in these very hard times especially because he is the only bread winner in the family of 5.
    Also please pray for me that God will heal my stomach and anxiety problems and grant me good health.

    Thank you for your prayers and God bless!

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