The End of Actions on Behalf of Father Harry Howell by the Friends of St. Patrick of the Forest Ad Hoc Committee

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Following a phone call from a fellow member of ours this morning, I’ve learned that it is Father Harry’s expressed desire for us to end actions on his behalf. It is apparent that ourjim-at-be.jpg continued work for the sake of justice and true reconciliation of the sacred body will not, nor will in the future, be supported by our Pastor Fr. Moys or Archbishop Vlasny. In fact, it is clear that any further actions and efforts on our part will only work to further penalize Father Harry financially.

As our goal is to help Father Harry and the mission, I believe, in accord with his will, we should do just that, help Father Harry according to his will. From now on our work should focus on addressing his needs while continuing to monitor further transgressions against the commandment to love until Father Harry decides upon (and attains) a suitable situation that will relieve him of the current burden.

Therefore, I call on all members to join me in ceasing any further letter writing campaigns public or private, legal or otherwise, and work towards the proper state of our shared faith in accord with the will of Jesus–communion with all.

As from the beginning, I continue to both hope and pray for that needed reconciliation of all souls at St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Church by means of true repentance, the Sacrament of Confession, and Holy Mass. This, I believe, remains the cure for this obvious long-term situation of unresolved sin…

…Knowing both the power of Love and the tenderness of Divine Mercy, I trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus to bring this about within each of our souls according to His will–be that in time or eternity.

In closing, I want to thank you all for your faith and personal sacrifices on behalf of Father Harry, the mission and the Church.

Questions? Call me or e-mail. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

James Mary Evans

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